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Ronald J. Cappuccio
Nov 1, 2016 9:56 AM

Randall: this is a very nice blog post. Nevertheless, probably the most important issue for most small restaurants is having the proper records for sales and purchases. Using a good point-of-sale system, or at least a computerized cash register, is extremely important for maintaining records. The New Jersey division of taxation is particularly brutal on audits of small restaurants, bars, and pizza shops. They expect the taxpayer to maintain all guest checks, cash register receipts and point-of-sale system reports for the entire audit. (Which is at least four years). I handled many audits for the state of New Jersey and the auditors always want more documents than the taxpayer maintains. That is why it is extremely important for new restaurants to consult with a tax attorney as well as an attorney setting up their business in order to make sure that the systems are set up properly. In addition, should the taxpayer receive an audit notice they should immediately call a tax attorney, not their accountant, to fight the audit.

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